Community Programs

Community Programs

Jefferson School

Director Steve Chop and office director Mikki Shields

The Jefferson School is a special education program offering day school and residential school to students ages 12 to 21 with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities. Our congregation provides Christmas gifts to the students and collects various personal items during the year.

Director Steve Chop and office director Mikki Shields were very grateful for our donations from Vacation Bible School and Jefferson UCC.  Thanks!

Annual Car Show

What began as a “trip down memory lane” with about 10 cars has grown into one of the largest car shows in the area.  In 2018 we had 165 cars at the show and handed out 42 trophies.


Our congregation sponsors a spring and fall dinner featuring turkey, ham, and oysters. We usually serve over 200 people during the dinner. We could not have this event without help from the community.   Our fall dinner will be held on Saturday, October 20th.


We hold our bingo events in the spring and fall.  A meal is served and when Bingo begins the “visitation” ends and concentration on the cards begins.