Outreach Programs

As part of our church outreach we recently visited a local nursing home in Frederick. We had 11 cars that dated from the 40’s to the 80’s.  The residents loved looking at the cars and reminiscing about the times when they owned similar cars. We thank John and Ann Edwards and Rick and Brenda Blumenauer for taking four cars to the event.  Following the event we traveled to a local restaurant that focused on a 50’s theme and the cars added a touch of class to the décor.

We recently took several cars to a local nursing home and gave the residents the opportunity to view the cars and reminisce. We were fortunate to have several other people bring their cars as well and the car’s vintage provided a wonderful  opportunity for the residents to travel down memory lane.  One resident, who was confined to a wheelchair, was the last resident to leave and he told us that he was hoping there would be a “left over automobile” that he could have.  Thanks to all who participated in this wonderful event.

Pictures are: